There’s Something For Every Taste With These Stylish Hammock Stands


Few pieces of outdoor furniture have such enticing appeal as an expertly crafted and highly stylish hammock stand, the perfect place to unwind in the tranquility of a garden or terrace. Hammocks have been employed for thousands of years by civilizations across the globe, and yet even today nothing comes close to matching the peacefulness, comfort and statement that they offer, despite there being such a huge range of duller, more utilitarian outdoor furnishings out there.

An unmatchable quality of a free standing hammock is that it is a perfectly adaptable piece, with a vast range of hammock designs and combinations available to cater for all practical needs and fashions. The most important decision to take when setting up an outdoor hammock lies in choosing between a metal arc hammock stand or a cypress wooden arc hammock stand.

Metal Arc Hammock Stand

A metal hammock stand can come in one of three carefully selected colors colors – java, bronze or forest green. These colors are subtle enough to complement both plain and patterned hammock designs, and also provide a suitable contrast to wherever the hammock is going to be situated. For example, forest green is the natural choice for those looking to set up on a lawn or underneath a tree, whereas bronze lends itself better to solid stone or more yard-like surfaces. Java on the other hand is a deeper, darker and more mellow tone that is pretty much perfect wherever it is placed. The key is to decide which will work best for the intended location, and how it will best complement the choice of hammock.

Other qualities worth noting of the metal arc hammock stand is that they are designed to hold up to 400lbs total weight and are built from strong and durable stainless steel that will ensure many years of happy use. Their metallic construct also equates to their being cheaper than wooden stands, however like all such purchases, price ought to be factored into long term satisfaction.

Cypress Wood Arc Hammock

Cypress wood arc hammock stands offer a slightly higher weight capacity (450lbs) than their steel cousins, thanks to it being built from the best quality four layer cypress wood that is renowned for it’s strength and durability to the elements. Cypress wood also retains it’s natural oils long after it has been processed, adding even more endurance.

However perhaps the major reason for why these wood arc hammock stands prove so popular is that they naturally add elegance and style to any location, with little need to worry about it uncomfortably clashing with the surrounds. Likewise this stand is so universal that it will work with hammocks of all shades and styles, making it a great purchase for those intending on using a variety of designs (families in-particular) or who have yet to select their perfect hammock.

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