Kinds of Hammocks: Mayan Hammock


Mayan Hammock 101

The Mayan Hammock, is a light, spring woven hammock that opens effortlessly to accommodate you. An authentic Mayan hammock is woven of thin strings and can hold up to a thousand pounds. By far, it is the best comfort value available in the hammock market place today. Let’s start with a few option. The Jumbo Mayan hammock, which is woven of thicker cording in a special double woven style, is available at our special Classy Hammocks discounted rate. If you plan to use the Mayan hammock for sleeping, it is strongly recommended that you purchase the largest hammock on our website that will fit your budget. The reason is that you will want your Mayan Hammock bed to be as roomy as possible. This also allows maximum support possibilities from firm to soft. For Mayan hammock indoor use, a classic Mayan cotton hammock will be an excellent choice as it is the softest in feel of all Mayan hammocks. A nylon version of this hammock is a bit sturdier and more durable in high humid environments, and as such, is recommended for rainforest, jungle, and extreme maritime locations, but should not be used in high UV environments. This is because today’s nylon hammocks are actually polypropylene, which tends to degrade in strong sunlight.

All hammocks can fade over time, particularly the darker colors. They will eventually achieve a feel like your favorite pair of blue jeans. Hammocks such as these are normally made by hand, thus, all sizes given are approximate. Mayan Hammocks are definitely one of the best comfort and relaxation items out in the market today. Now we here at Classy Hammocks guarantee that our Jumbo Classy Hammocks provide the best comfort, style and fit that you have always been looking for. At amazing discounted rates and high valued inclusions, your one step away to your ultimate stay cation! Sift through the best options above and find the best hammock for you!

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