How to hang a hammock – your comprehensive guide


We all see those beautiful looking hammocks on the beach or in the backyard and say to ourselves, wouldn’t it be awesome to own one? Well let’s say you answered that question and now you have one, question now is: how do I hang it?

That’s a pretty loaded question in my opinion because contrast to what a lot of people might think, there is a lot that goes into hanging your hammock properly.  Such as how far apart the attachment points should be, how high the hammock has to be to make sure it isn’t touching the ground, how much feet apart is adequate enough to hang a hammock among other things are what you should take into consideration

But all hammock users, young and old, long time users and newbies should have the same basic understandings of how to properly hang a hammock especially if you’re thinking of hanging one for good in your backyard, yacht or even bedroom. But it doesn’t really matter where or why you want to hang your hammock, what matters is you hang it correctly and safely.

Now let’s get down to it:

Basically to have the best hanging hammock out there, not only one your neighbors would be jealous of but also one that is extremely comfortable and relaxing that you and your family would want to lounge in it the whole day comes down to a combination of 2 basic factors:

First is the ‘Sit height’ which is how high off the ground the middle of the hammock should be which is on average 18 inches (this I presume is where you would be sitting on the hammock)

Another term you have to be familiar with is ‘Hammock Ridgeline Length” which is basically the distance between the ends of your hammock setup. You can get this measurement by measuring the empty space between each end of your setup and that can dictate how much sag or curve is in your hammock. Usually this is about 105 – 108 in but this varies by individual preference so remember, whatever fits your personal comfort is what will dictate the ridgeline length.

Now let’s talk safety. You don’t want to jump in your newly hung hammock and fall straight to the floor right? So it is important to know the amount of force you apply to your anchor points and suspension especially for hammocks attached to a wall or ceiling. Now its not rocket science but basically the more load placed on your hammock, the greater the stress will be on your anchor points. So it is advisable that you hang your hammock on a 30 degree angle to help distribute the load along the hammock. But of course getting it at that precise angle will be difficult, so you can calculate it instead with multiple hammock hang calculators found on the internet. These calculators are not that complicated and are designed to help newbies set up their first hammock as easy as possible.

Now the most important part about setting up your hammock, is to have fun doing it. The hammock is a device meant to be a tool to help you relax and unwind so setting it up shouldn’t be such a chore. Have fun with it and find the best measurements to your liking and you’ll be lounging around feeling like you’re in vacation at a beach in no time.

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