Hammock: Health benefits


A bed is probably the ideal form of resting. You came from a long day at work, you’ve hit over 12 hours in the office, your looking to put your feet up and just relax. Your bed is just begging you to just lie down and snooze the night away. Be it during an afternoon nap time or dead into the night, your bed is definitely, due to what is accepted as a social norm, an ideal way of going to sleep. However, here’s a very interesting fun fact:

In a Huffington Post blog post, Dr. Steven Park, a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, is quoted as saying that the ideal sleeping posture is “lying on one’s back, with the head slightly elevated, about 10 – 30 percent.”

The reason? It’s because hammocks put you in this exact position: on your back, with your head slightly elevated. This forces you into a following sleep fun facts:

You fall asleep faster than you would have ever thought.

A study published in Current Biology outlines that you actually do fall asleep faster in a hammock. The study monitored 12 adult men who used 2 test methods: a stationary bed and a swaying bed. They observed a faster transition to sleep in each of the test subjects in the swaying condition which is the same motion mimicked with a hammock.

Deeper, Longer Sleep

In the same test procedure, it was also found that you sleep longer because of the swaying motion. Go back to our earlier conversation about hitting over 12 hours in the office. Your stressed out of your mind. Now is a bed going to do the trick? Relieve you of that ASAP? Scientifically, it seems that a hammock may now be the way to go.

Insomniacs worry no more!

For reasons explained in the first topics discussed, this can definitely help with people who suffer from insomnia. Say good bye to long hours of being unable to sleep at night and say hello to a worry free, stress relieving way of relaxing after a long and tiring day at work.

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