Hammock Features: What you need to know now!


The first step to your relaxing stay cation is of course, purchasing the product that will get you that feel. Here at Classy Hammocks, we offer a wide variety of that – Hammocks. In our past few blogs, we’ve talked about how culturally and aesthetically, this item is a cut above the rest. From being an eye pleasing piece of décor to a functional piece of relaxation, a hammock? Really is the stay cation starter pack you’ve been looking for. Now, despite all that, your hammock experience wont be complete without a few features to take it to the next level. In this blog post, we’re going to be talking about just: All you need to know about the many hammock features that will take your stay cation? TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Feature 1: Spreader Bar

Spreader bars are very self explanatory: They spread out your hammock from tip to tip. Why is this important? Simply put it structurally designs your hammock and makes it a whole lot more study compared to it just being attached to any one attachment point. Spreader bars make your hammocks comfortable, stylish and clean looking. We here at Classy Hammocks? Got you covered with our wide array of hammocks ++ options.

Feature 2: Included Stand

Our Carriebean Hammocks are normally out fitted with a stand. If you don’t have a place where you can hang your hammock in your majestic, trendy and beautiful home and have always pined for that staycation you’ve been looking for, this product is the right fit for you! By your pool side, your yard or your living room, this product feature makes hammock living a whole lot easier.

Feature 3: Weather Proof

When it comes to the variation of hammocks, it being weather proof might just be on the top of the list. A lot of people use hammocks not just for staycations, but for outdoor trips as well. Camping, being one of this country’s more favorite past times, is normally where hammocks are used. If it’s a diverse hammock you seek, then looking for this feature should definitely be on your menu considering that most hammock users have their hammocks placed out doors and not in doors.

Feature 4: Reversible hammock

More of a gimmick feature than an actual standard one, having a reversible hammock is really all about style points. Reversible hammocks normally have one color opposite the other and this allows for a better aesthetic feel.

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