Kinds of Hammocks: Best hammocks in the market today


Rope Hammocks

When you heard the word “hammock”, the first image that probably popped into your head at the start of this article was it hanging by a tree or in between two similar structures. For the record, that’s not a bad initial image? Most hammocks are often facilitated in that manner. This one is called a rope hammock. Simple, self explanatory and the most popular version of the hammock regardless of where you live. Commonly made of cotton or polyester or cotton ropes, and this is intentionally done to prevent it from flipping too much, a spreader bar at either end maintains its flat shape and prevents it from bunching up in the middle. Believe me when I say, you don’t want a rope hammock without a spreader bar. Life will be difficult without one.

Between the two normal classifications of a rope hammock, the cotton one is the most preferred as it is deemed the more comfortable one thought polyester is more durable. The only advantage that polyester hammocks would have over cotton is it’s durability. This allows for it to be more versatile compared to the cotton version.

Quilted Hammocks

Comfortable but definitely not an outdoor item due to how the nature of it’s makeup, the quilted hammock is a one of a kind niche hammock that definitely takes comfort to a whole new level. A quilted hammock is made with two fabric layers and what would seem to be a filling in between. Ideally, this type of hammock is best used as a bedroom hammock as it is the softest version of the hammock line. This version of the hammock may not be as good as the Mayan Hammock or the Rope hammock and is best suited for indoor use than out door use. Just envision yourself sleeping in one of these bad boys under the comfort of your own home and your all set for your staycation.

Mayan Hammocks

When talking about high end versions of a hammock, the Mayan version stands out the most. The design originating from the Latin American region, this style of hammock is by far the most popular and the most visible. Avid hammock users are bound to have this lying around there house at some point. These hammocks don’t necessarily require a spreader bar thus making it easy to move from one place to another. This version is also the most durable as well. Can be used ideally for indoor or outdoor use, the Mayan Hammock can withstand most weather conditions that a normal hammock cannot due to its design and fabric. Be it for travel, indoor or outdoor use, you really cannot go wrong with ordering one of Classy Hammocks Mayan Hammock.

Poolside Hammocks

This is more of an aesthetic hammock as its more popular purpose is for increased ambiance and feel. Picture your pool side with one of these beauties and you can definitely say that hanging by your own pool is better than any resort the world has to offer. From our line of products, we would definitely recommend any one of our amazing hammock chairs. This comes in multiple colors that you can request for to fit the aesthetic requirement you may need.

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