Pillows are the perfect compliment to any hammock. These pillows are outdoor durable made from polyester with poly-fill to withstand the elements. At close to 4 feet wide, they are fully equipped with straps to secure to the spreader bar of your hammock and can be comfortably enjoyed by two adults. They come with a zipper on the back so you can easily remove and wash the cover when needed. We have several colors for you to choose from.

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Hanging Hardware and Hammock Accessories

EZ Hammock Hardware makes is very easy to hang any hammock virtually anywhere. We supply top quality hardware kits which are Zinc plated to protect against rust. They come conveniently packaged in one small pouch offering a safe and simple method to quickly hang your hammock from wood, trees, or concrete. At the end of the season, just pack it away in the pouch til next season!

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