A Dog in Hammock Photo Gallery


A Dog In Hammock Photo Gallery


When I think of a dog in hammock photo, it makes me smile. I love hanging with my pup in my hammock. She’s kind of funny though, she needs to practically sit on my head so she can be close to me. We all love our dogs, and this dog in hammock photo gallery with surely put a smile on your face!

UH OH – This Dog in Hammock Didn’t Make it!


I think this guy had a good idea, but it didn’t quite work out! If he had chosen a Caribbean Jumbo Hammock from ClassyHammocks.com, it might have been a different outcome. Made of high quality 100% soft spun polyester, the Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks have a much tighter weave than this rope style hammock.   This guy (below) has the right idea nicely cradled snoozing in his hammock.

Outdoor Hammock Off the Ground is Best

Now this guy has the right idea. A nice wood hammock off the ground. You may not realize it, but dogs like to be elevated off the ground, keeps the bugs off of them in warmer months, and keeps them off a damp or cold ground in the cooler months. This guy even has a matching dog bowl, pretty fancy I’d say!

Camping With Your Best Friend!

Many people like to camp with their dogs, who needs a blanket?  When camping, people use a Mayan Hammock.  These hammocks are easy to pack, and easy to hang between two trees.  They do not have a spreader bar, like a Jumbo Hammock would, so they basically cradle your body making it so comfortable and the perfect option for camping.

Pet Car Seat Cover

One of the best dog in hammock ideas is the Pet Car Seat Cover or also known as the Pet Hammock for the car. I’ve used one for my dogs for quite a while now, the hammock keeps them from trying to get in the front seat and makes them just relax in the back seat where they should be!  Also keeps your car cleaner, all you need to do is unhook the straps and shake it out and/or throw it in the wash.  It easily hangs by straps that go around the headrests.  You can also use this type of hammock just as a seat cover, and the seat belt hooks are easily accessible.  I’ve heard that in the next year or so dogs are going to have to wear seatbelts, safety for everyone in the car is best.

I Did It!  I’m in a Rope Hammock!

I’m not sure if this guy is yawning or calling his furry friends to join him, but this guy was able to make it into his Rope Hammock with no trouble at all!

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