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Facts About Mayan Hammocks – Things You Must Know

Do you know that Mayan Hammocks are one of the most widely used and earliest variant of hammocks? It is said that this hammock has been around for about a thousand years already.

It is made by interweaving very fine fibers to create the softest product. Typically, Mayan Hammocks are suspended lower than the other types of hammocks. It is put down crosswise and the edges can be decorated with hanging tassels. As we all know, it is hung by fastening the two end points on two perpendicular posts or trees. This particular kind of hammock is deemed to be the most comfortable of all hammocks, and for this reason, people prefer them the most. What is more, they have some distinct features that make them stand out from the rest.

Mayan Hammocks

Here are some other interesting facts to know about Mayan Hammocks:

  • These hammocks are made with the best polyester material so that you can fully relax and enjoy a stress-free day.
  • They are handy and naturally comfy.
  • You can easily make them even more comfortable and look better too by means of adding decorative but useful accessories including pillows, blankets, and hanging kits for hammocks.
  • As the polyester spun hammocks have protective layers to withstand harsh conditions and otherharmful elements, you can install your Mayan hammock in the garden, terrace, and other locations outside the home.
  • The hammocks are all hand-woven by skilled weavers so you can be sure it is durable.
  • You will find it available in different sizes, from single, double, and even one that can accommodate 3 people.
  • For proper installation, see to it that when you hang it, it must be at waist or lower level. This must be the height so that sitting or getting out of it will be easier. Check also the ropes that are holding the hammock, they must sag a little so that your body can gently slide down into it.
  • Because they are lightweight, you can store them just about anywhere in your home or even in the trunk of your car. Then again, wherever you store your hammock, make sure that it is dry. Otherwise, the dampness can cause damage to your hammock.
  • Finally, to make sure that Mayan Hammocks will last for a long time, you must learn how to care for it properly. Avoid leaving sharp objects or even blankets on top of it. Wash them from time to time and store properly when not in use.

Mayan Hammocks
Mayan Hammocks

There’s Something For Every Taste With These Stylish Hammock Stands

Few pieces of outdoor furniture have such enticing appeal as an expertly crafted and highly stylish hammock stand, the perfect place to unwind in the tranquility of a garden or terrace. Hammocks have been employed for thousands of years by civilizations across the globe, and yet even today nothing comes close to matching the peacefulness, comfort and statement that they offer, despite there being such a huge range of duller, more utilitarian outdoor furnishings out there.

An unmatchable quality of a free standing hammock is that it is a perfectly adaptable piece, with a vast range of hammock designs and combinations available to cater for all practical needs and fashions. The most important decision to take when setting up an outdoor hammock lies in choosing between a metal arc hammock stand or a cypress wooden arc hammock stand.

Stylish Hammock stands

Metal Arc Hammock Stand

A metal hammock stand can come in one of three carefully selected colors colors – java, bronze or forest green. These colors are subtle enough to complement both plain and patterned hammock designs, and also provide a suitable contrast to wherever the hammock is going to be situated. For example, forest green is the natural choice for those looking to set up on a lawn or underneath a tree, whereas bronze lends itself better to solid stone or more yard-like surfaces. Java on the other hand is a deeper, darker and more mellow tone that is pretty much perfect wherever it is placed. The key is to decide which will work best for the intended location, and how it will best complement the choice of hammock.

Other qualities worth noting of the metal arc hammock stand is that they are designed to hold up to 400lbs total weight and are built from strong and durable stainless steel that will ensure many years of happy use. Their metallic construct also equates to their being cheaper than wooden stands, however like all such purchases, price ought to be factored into long term satisfaction.

Cypress Wood Arc Hammock

Cypress wood arc hammock stands offer a slightly higher weight capacity (450lbs) than their steel cousins, thanks to it being built from the best quality four layer cypress wood that is renowned for it’s strength and durability to the elements. Cypress wood also retains it’s natural oils long after it has been processed, adding even more endurance.

However perhaps the major reason for why these wood arc hammock stands prove so popular is that they naturally add elegance and style to any location, with little need to worry about it uncomfortably clashing with the surrounds. Likewise this stand is so universal that it will work with hammocks of all shades and styles, making it a great purchase for those intending on using a variety of designs (families in-particular) or who have yet to select their perfect hammock.

Wood Arc Hammock stands

Which Hammock is better, Polyester or Cotton?

There are many choices out there when it comes to purchasing a hammock. In fact, many people don’t realize how many different fibers, styles, etc. there are. When it comes to a rope hammock you have two fibers to choose from – one is polyester and the other is cotton. There are other blends available, but polyester and cotton are the two most popular, and the most commonly found. It’s hard to make the right choice because each has its own advantages, and disadvantages as well. Here are a few considerations that may help.

Where are you going to locate your Hammock, inside or outdoors?

CJHCNC-DS-1Cotton hammocks generally should not be exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. It can cause them to fade and lose their color. You can use them outdoors in a shady place though, maybe under a pergola or in an outside room, something that protects them from direct sun. We carry a great jumbo hammock chair that is extremely comfortable. Polyester hammocks are resistant to the sun, but over time even the polyester ones may fade a little if they are placed in direct sun light. Polyester is known to be able to stand much more sun, and for much longer periods of time compared to cotton. So if you’re planning on keeping your hammock outside most of the time, polyester would be the way to go when it comes to durability. If you want to use your hammock indoors, cotton is the way to go.

Better Hammock

Which is more resistant to rain?

Well, as I said above, if you’re hanging your hammock inside, this question doesn’t really matter. But if you are using it outside, cotton is prone to rot, mold and mildew caused from moisture or rain. There are products that say they can “waterproof” cotton, but I haven’t found that to be true. Polyester is resistant to moisture and rain damage so polyester will win when it comes to resistance to water.

Cost of polyester and cotton rope hammocks?

This really depends on where you purchase your hammock. There are high-end polyester hammocks that are more expensive than low quality cotton hammocks, but there are also high quality cotton hammocks that are more expensive than polyester hammocks! Of course, the choice is yours and this will depend on the brand of the rope hammock you choose.

Overall, the polyester hammock definitely wins when it comes to outdoor use and the cotton hammock is great for indoor use. Polyester is durable and will not rot, mold or mildew, where the cotton ones definitely will. Cotton is less durable, but much more comfortable. There remains one real question: do you want a rope hammock that you will not have to replace for many years (polyester), or a hammock that is comfortable, but that you will have to take special care of (cotton)? Check out the great colors we have to choose from when it comes to polyester hammocks, you will not be disappointed should you choose polyester!

How to Hang a Hammock – Use Proper Hardware

Relaxing in a hammock ranks as one of the all-time great pleasures in life. Being gently cradled in a hammock is a great excuse for playing hooky for an hour or two and just letting the rest of the world go by.

Hammocks can be anchored between two trees, wooden poles embedded in concrete, or from a specially constructed stand. But in order to make sure that the person lying in the hammock doesn’t plummet unexpectedly to earth, breaking a few bones in the process, it is important to follow several steps to ensure the the hammock you hang has been securely fastened into place to support the weight of a human body while it is suspended.

If you are planning to hang your hammock between two trees in the backyard, lay out the hammock on the ground first and measure its length from the circular suspension ring on one side to the other. Then add one foot to this measurement as the correct distance you will need between the trees to properly hang the hammock.

Make a trip to the accessory page of to purchase the proper hardware to hang a hammock securely. At a height of at least five feet above the ground, drill a hole in each tree completely through the tree. This is where you will insert the bolt on each side of the hammock, attaching the washer and nut on the other side in order to secure the bolt to the tree. Avoid using eye screws for hanging a hammock from a tree, as the threads on these screws can give out over time and cause the hammock to fall to the ground. Use a strong connecting-link chain connector (at least 1/4 inch thick) to hook up the round loop at both ends of the hammock to the bolt you have placed in the tree.

If your trees are not positioned correctly to accommodate the length of your hammock, you can still enjoy the outdoors by creating two wooden hammock posts. Dig a hole at either end of your hammock site, insert a six-inch by six-inch wooden pole in each hole and anchor the hole with concrete. Don’t attempt to hang your hammock until the concrete has completely dried. Each post should be buried at least two feet deep into the ground to anchor it securely and prevent it from tipping over once the weight of the hammock is added. Insert bolts, washers and nuts into the poles the same way you would for using a tree as a post and connect each end of the hammock using a chain connector.

Hanging a hammock between two trees or two posts doesn’t allow you any flexibility in moving the hammock should you decide to change locations. If you want your hammock to be portable, you might want to take a look at our Hammock with Stand sets. It is essential that you purchase a hammock stand built to carry the amount of weight you intend to place in the hammock while it’s in use so that the frame doesn’t break, bend or collapse causing injury.

Home Is Where the Hammock Is

Ever had one of those days, or weeks, or months or years? Really need a vacation but it’s just not in the budget? Here is the solution to making yourself feel like you’re on vacation, relaxing, and changing your entire perspective: Buy a hammock. Hammocks just make you feel good. They are a cradle of tranquility whether you are indoors or outdoors. There is just something about a hammock that takes away worries and puts the mind at ease. They are freeing, fascinating and delivering, all at the same time.

Imagine yourself outside, between two sturdy trees on a warm spring day, lying in a hammock, reading a book, and letting all your cares pass away. Just the natural motion of the slight breeze rocking your hammock slowly and softly, lulling you to relaxation, helping you drift to the Caribbean, where you’d really like to be. The sound of neighbors and cars that may have annoyed you earlier, before you laid down in the hammock, just seem so happy and one with the universe now. You can drift off to sleep or just enjoy your life again with the new perspective that the hammock has given you.

You could hang two hammocks and enjoy your tranquility with a special someone or best friend, sipping on iced tea, chatting about past pleasures or dreaming of new ones. No matter how stressed or busy you might feel, within moments of resting in your hammocks, whether sprawled out or sitting, you will begin to unwind and feel that peaceful sense that all is right with the world while being cradled in your hammocks. There is just something so comforting about how a hammock wraps itself around you, like when you were swaddled as a babe. You won’t be able to help but feel safer, more secure, and just “let go.”

Want to enjoy that feeling all year round? Take the hammock, or hammocks, inside and hang them in the living room, family room or in the bedrooms. Then you can enjoy their peace and tranquility indoors, no matter what the weather is like outdoors. With your hammock you can create your own private paradise inside your home. You could hang your hammock in a sunny corner of the living room and curl up with a good book anytime and feel like you are outside on a warm day. When the temperatures are below zero outside, with a fire going and tucked nicely in your hammock, with pillows and blankets, you will be toasty and warm, nestled down all snug as a bug, wrapped in your hammock’s comfort.

Want to create a fun adventure for your children? Hang a hammock in their room! Add plants or paint a mural, and create a tropical paradise for them where they can play in the jungle, lay on their hammock, swinging softly to and fro until they curl up in it and take a nap, without any encouragement from you! A hammock makes everyday special and fun.

A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Hammock for You

“Take a break from your busy life by sliding into your hammock and feel your stress slowly go away.”

Reserving some time to rest or loosen up in a hammock is one great way to recharge after a long day. If you are faced with deadlines and your boss is already pounding on you to finish the project, there is no other way to chill out at home other than lying down in a hammock to relax.

So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when the term “hammock” is mentioned? Everyone may envisage different things but one thing is sure, all will think of having a break. Most people are likely to envision a beach where the sky is blue, the sand is white, clear water, waves that are making soothing splashing sound, and lying down under a shade with a tall glass of drink with cherry on the rim.

In other words, hammock is always associated with leisure or relaxation. Likewise, picturing a hammock hanging on two trees on an island or beach where you can lie down snugly is almost an automatic response when the term is mentioned.

Or maybe, you picture a hammock in your lawn or deck or anywhere at home where you can spend time to unwind. But whatever setting you can imagine, the hammock is present for the mere purpose of calming the nerves, right?

Indeed, sitting or lying down in a hammock is a superb means for one to pick up from the demanding way of life these days. Spend some time in that suspended piece of comfortable furniture and your energy will be restored in no time.

Perfect Hammock

Rope Hammock

CRHR_smOn the other hand, there are many types of hammocks to choose from. The first thing to remember when selecting is that you must pick the one that goes well with your personality and lifestyle. Here are other tips to follow so you can get the right one:

1. The rope hammock is for you if you are traditional. This is also the best choice if you often change places to hang your hammock.

2. If you also place importance on style other than the comfort, you may want to try the colorful Mayan hammocks.

3. In case you do not have trees or two poles to tie your hammock to, go for the hammock chair or hammock with stand.

4. There are also the camping hammocks if you are a camper or love the outdoors. These are generally lighter than the other types since they have to be carried along during the adventure.

No matter what you choose, all of these hammocks will give you the relaxation that you need to rejuvenate after tackling a stressful day.

dog in hammock

A Dog in Hammock Photo Gallery

A Dog In Hammock Photo Gallery

dog in hammock

When I think of a dog in hammock photo, it makes me smile. I love hanging with my pup in my hammock. She’s kind of funny though, she needs to practically sit on my head so she can be close to me. We all love our dogs, and this dog in hammock photo gallery with surely put a smile on your face!

UH OH – This Dog in Hammock Didn’t Make it!

dog in hammock
I think this guy had a good idea, but it didn’t quite work out! If he had chosen a Caribbean Jumbo Hammock from, it might have been a different outcome. Made of high quality 100% soft spun polyester, the Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks have a much tighter weave than this rope style hammock.   This guy (below) has the right idea nicely cradled snoozing in his hammock.

Sleeping dog in hammockOutdoor Hammock Off the Ground is Best

dog in hammock

Now this guy has the right idea. A nice wood hammock off the ground. You may not realize it, but dogs like to be elevated off the ground, keeps the bugs off of them in warmer months, and keeps them off a damp or cold ground in the cooler months. This guy even has a matching dog bowl, pretty fancy I’d say!

Camping With Your Best Friend!

Sleeping a dog in hammockMany people like to camp with their dogs, who needs a blanket?  When camping, people use a Mayan Hammock.  These hammocks are easy to pack, and easy to hang between two trees.  They do not have a spreader bar, like a Jumbo Hammock would, so they basically cradle your body making it so comfortable and the perfect option for camping.

Pet Car Seat Cover

dog in hammockOne of the best dog in hammock ideas is the Pet Car Seat Cover or also known as the Pet Hammock for the car. I’ve used one for my dogs for quite a while now, the hammock keeps them from trying to get in the front seat and makes them just relax in the back seat where they should be!  Also keeps your car cleaner, all you need to do is unhook the straps and shake it out and/or throw it in the wash.  It easily hangs by straps that go around the headrests.  You can also use this type of hammock just as a seat cover, and the seat belt hooks are easily accessible.  I’ve heard that in the next year or so dogs are going to have to wear seatbelts, safety for everyone in the car is best.

I Did It!  I’m in a Rope Hammock!

Dog in HammockI’m not sure if this guy is yawning or calling his furry friends to join him, but this guy was able to make it into his Rope Hammock with no trouble at all!

dogs in hammock